Whatsapp Chronicles – Chapter 1

9:03 AM Baangd: Did 10k in under an hour today Atom: Well done bhaangd Bird: Bhaangd? Thum? Abs: Did you bleed from your nipples today? Ir: Shabash, ab undar jaake hila Gol: This is old news. I read about this yesterday Baangd: Thanks Atom, No bleeding this time Abs. I used petroleum jelly and strapped […]

Windows 7 – House Party Pack (Unboxing)

Would you believe it? I just won a Windows 7 Ultimate DVD Licence with 32 & 64 bit DVD included.

Nursery Rhymes – Our Kids

Our kids (in particular, the Ghoshs, the Iyers, the Kunders, Mehtas, Manniges, Palanys, Yederys, Raos, Joshis, Nadkarnis, Mathurs, Tanks) would one day exhibit a part of our genome (time to go woohoo) when their nursery rhymes go like … Iyer’s kid twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder how you are up above the world […]

Why I prefer chickens crossing roads

Why would you bet on anything you have no clue or control on whatsoever. Like this boy, who on a cold winter morning in Wales haplessly placed a bet with his classmate on the varied force of nature. By the time it was afternoon his sister came looking for him in school to find him […]

I didn’t do it, No one saw me do it

A long ass time since I’ve plotted the ink stand and benched my chair. Actually, it’s been long mules since I’ve done a mighty deal of other stuff too. Most notably of those involved … Throwing balloons on hapless bystanders in a shopping mall and when really bored bench not just water in a plastic […]

Abhi Uncle

Yesss, my brother and bhabhi are proud parents of a healthy baby girl. Both mum and baby are doing just fine. This easily is the happiest thing that has happened for a long long time. God bless! Mannn … I can’t wait to buy tiny baby clothes (and shoes) for my niece (ah! just to […]

2007 home coming (literally)!

Dudes, dudettes, respected married folk and Iyer, Once again, it’s that time of the year when the drunken masters and lords of the land get together and make merry. This year though, with wayside commitments from a bulk of the community (and innocent kids getting married), our plans have taken a drifter into older habits […]

Do It Yourself (DIY): “Skip your good friend’s wedding” tips

The following incident has true citation to all characters and names mentioned and all references to the same must be deemed as correct representation of events as they unfolded. 22:08 Dec 10, 2006 Nandanvan Mumbai Abhi: f*** man Bird: cant i am tired Abhi: dimaag hurting yea i wont either Bird: my head & my […]

Baangd Chronicles – Part 2

Baangd: kaisa hai me: full fit Baangd: had booze last nite now listening to rock songs and radin the guru’s advice reading* me: abey i was with u boozing last nite at Alap’s waste Baangd: i know, i was just saying so

Kunder Gamer?

For someone to be placed in the “…busier than a page 3 socialite…” category and to top it, have it published in a business paper, it takes quite some beating (or at least upto the point of having Income Tax professionals shun into their houses). Yes quite right, I’m in the news folks. Priyanka Joshi […]

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