2007 home coming (literally)!

Dudes, dudettes, respected married folk and Iyer,

Once again, it’s that time of the year when the drunken masters and lords of the land get together and make merry. This year though, with wayside commitments from a bulk of the community (and innocent kids getting married), our plans have taken a drifter into older habits (So no Matheran).

Nandanvan (now available on wikimapia.com), is proud to host a New Years party (don’t ask stupid questions like “when is it?” – they will not be entertained). This party promises to bring back the glory days of the late 90’s where new year parties in Nandanvan were a crazy botch. This time round we’re planning a theme event, the title of which will be announced soon (along the lines of something like a Sholay theme, where each of us gets to play a character in the movie and dress and behave in that manner thru’ the party – imagine Iyer playing Thakur with a shawl on his butt and Bird doing a Samba on t-top).

All other party elements – raunchy music, slurpy food, drinks in plastic bags and lighting (dance floor mayhem) are being worked out and we should find ourselves in trouble with the law in 7 days time.

Hope to see you all soon … you know where I live

Tootle for now

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