Windows 7 – House Party Pack (Unboxing)

Would you believe it? I just won a Windows 7 Ultimate DVD Licence with 32 & 64 bit DVD included.

Fear defacto

What do you fear most? Death? Failure? Ghosts? People? Pizzas? Roaches? Most of us have some or all of the above fears rolled up on each other. We seldom realize the essence of all this though. What is the purpose of this innate emotion? Everyone has some part of it governing their daily lives. A […]

Paryul’s Happy Budday??

Funny conversation time yet again … small and notoriously hilarious … Topic: Pals’ birthday which incidentally falls on 27th of this month Bird Dear Pals, Many Happy Returns of the day ….have a great year ahead. Warm Regards, Abhi It’s on the 27th re … but if it makes u happy Apoo Bird, tu item […]

He, Who, Shoe bites?

“I have a shoe bite” essentially puts forth “I’ve bought new shoes and you better have a look”. It’s not quite the best of ways to have it broadcasted, I dare say. But certainly is one of the crude and dismantled ways of frolicking around your new shines. I always wondered why the damn shoe […]

The blind man’s left the building

Picked a nail out of my shoe yesterday and took a few steps ahead to realize that it went right into my goddamn skin. Who put that nail there I pondered. Nobody answered. I walked on. We stumble upon these nails all the time, some prick, some pack a punch, some ruin your shoe, while […]


Apoo (low voice) I almost gave up hope. There were so many times I questioned myself. I’ve made so many sacrifices but it’s all been worth it. (beat) There are millions and millions of mediocre people in the world Abhi. Isn’t it great that we aren’t one of them? Abhi looks like he stopped breathing […]

Looking for Ess Eee Ex

Picked up from a board … hilarious to the core … Yea i’m looking for Sex, Everybody who has a dog calls him “Rover” or “Boy.” I call mine “Sex”. Now, Sex has been very embarrassing to me. When I went to City Hall to renew his license, I told the clerk I would like […]


There is never a dearth of overly enthusiastic hyperactive souls in and around our lives. We all have one or two in our offices, schools, colleges, (in Apoo’s case, his Gym and a lot of other places too I’m sure). We seldom have problems with these people. They bring out elements of fun and godly […]

55 word story #2 – Illusory

“dropped by to say hello”, they said I couldn’t take it anymore. I blasted out and asked them to leave at once “don’t need this. there’s been a lot of wrongs done already” Something told me, “this was invented” The Geodon dosage was taking due effect. Pleaded with the medics, “please, help my ailing head!”

55 word story #1 – Tight Chadds

It was hot, He tried to bend and pull, it wouldn’t let him, He removed his trousers, and it felt a lot better… Then he removed the jocks’ too, and woah was that something, they could breathe again!! The jocks’ were punishing these two this day, he thought He soared forward to take that leak

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