Whatsapp Chronicles – Chapter 1

9:03 AM Baangd: Did 10k in under an hour today Atom: Well done bhaangd Bird: Bhaangd? Thum? Abs: Did you bleed from your nipples today? Ir: Shabash, ab undar jaake hila Gol: This is old news. I read about this yesterday Baangd: Thanks Atom, No bleeding this time Abs. I used petroleum jelly and strapped […]

Midnight Archive: Navik B&R

0130 hours April 15, 2006 Chakala, Andheri (E) The night was brighter than usual. The moon played its share of governing the streets, waxing ahead into time. The breeze was never there like always, with the still air subtly breathing down warmth and heavy drums of moisture. Mannu and I got off the rick next […]

Lallubhai Park – Live Thailee Cast

Thailee tullee (booze “retailed” in plastic bags) is common practice in rural India (and yes, cities too). A major concoction of breweries mixed to form one potent tipple. One of the known “brands” in the large and scaling thailee tullee market is Poonam (a girl’s name), which is available quite freely in the suburbs of […]

Baangd Chronicles: Tales from CT

Very few posts on blogs actually go to the extent of describing your dear buddies. This unfortunately is one such post. I hate to admit it, but Baangd (OR “The Baangd”) often marks himself as the star-crossed court jester who knowingly goes to all extents of humane sacrifices to submit himself to the appeasement of […]

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