Do It Yourself (DIY): “Skip your good friend’s wedding” tips

The following incident has true citation to all characters and names mentioned and all references to the same must be deemed as correct representation of events as they unfolded. 22:08 Dec 10, 2006 Nandanvan Mumbai Abhi: f*** man Bird: cant i am tired Abhi: dimaag hurting yea i wont either Bird: my head & my […]

Baangd Chronicles – Part 2

Baangd: kaisa hai me: full fit Baangd: had booze last nite now listening to rock songs and radin the guru’s advice reading* me: abey i was with u boozing last nite at Alap’s waste Baangd: i know, i was just saying so

Confessions of a blind soul

I’ve been accused of buying household items only to not use it enough (or at all – before this there was the portable vacuum cleaner, handy sewing machine amongst a large a list spanning 10 years), read on… After a good deal of thought on buying a treadmill, I did buy one only to find […]

He, Who, Shoe bites?

“I have a shoe bite” essentially puts forth “I’ve bought new shoes and you better have a look”. It’s not quite the best of ways to have it broadcasted, I dare say. But certainly is one of the crude and dismantled ways of frolicking around your new shines. I always wondered why the damn shoe […]

The blind man’s left the building

Picked a nail out of my shoe yesterday and took a few steps ahead to realize that it went right into my goddamn skin. Who put that nail there I pondered. Nobody answered. I walked on. We stumble upon these nails all the time, some prick, some pack a punch, some ruin your shoe, while […]


Apoo (low voice) I almost gave up hope. There were so many times I questioned myself. I’ve made so many sacrifices but it’s all been worth it. (beat) There are millions and millions of mediocre people in the world Abhi. Isn’t it great that we aren’t one of them? Abhi looks like he stopped breathing […]

Why I wrapped that doggie up!!

This is the story, of a boy named Apoorva Joshi. This boy played good fair cricket Mastered the art of swing bowling when he was very young Soon became the captain of Nandanvan Cricket Board His passion and love for the sport bore no bounds Apoo was a class apart He wore his favourite chadds […]

Wrap my doggie up

An Ode to Apoo Doggie: Worf … Doggie: worf … Doggie: rrowww brrrowww Apoo: arrghhh … Apoo: huff … Apoo: huff … Sound effects: Budoosh digdradaadam dooosh … Aunty 2: Sorry Apoo: poink … (getting up and falling back down on butt) Doggie: rrrowww … rrooowww … Doggie: Karchhh .. arrrhhhg … broowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Apoo: huff […]


There is never a dearth of overly enthusiastic hyperactive souls in and around our lives. We all have one or two in our offices, schools, colleges, (in Apoo’s case, his Gym and a lot of other places too I’m sure). We seldom have problems with these people. They bring out elements of fun and godly […]

Senna v/s Irvine (Suzuka 1993)

This one’s a venting spell for the the great Ayrton Senna (Mclaren) who was leading the 1993 Japanese GP and was about to lap debutant Eddie Irvine (Jordan). Irvine was fighting for position with Damon Hill. Senna overtook Irvine first and slowed a little when no further overtaking was possible with Hill. In the mean […]

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