Abhi Uncle

Yesss, my brother and bhabhi are proud parents of a healthy baby girl. Both mum and baby are doing just fine. This easily is the happiest thing that has happened for a long long time. God bless! Mannn … I can’t wait to buy tiny baby clothes (and shoes) for my niece (ah! just to […]

2007 home coming (literally)!

Dudes, dudettes, respected married folk and Iyer, Once again, it’s that time of the year when the drunken masters and lords of the land get together and make merry. This year though, with wayside commitments from a bulk of the community (and innocent kids getting married), our plans have taken a drifter into older habits […]

Kunder Gamer?

For someone to be placed in the “…busier than a page 3 socialite…” category and to top it, have it published in a business paper, it takes quite some beating (or at least upto the point of having Income Tax professionals shun into their houses). Yes quite right, I’m in the news folks. Priyanka Joshi […]

Finally!! A Haircut

I’m ganja now … my folks refused to take me in last night, following this crude act of violence … and no … won’t post pics till my “kesh” decides to grow up till soon … or till the strands stride up …

Why I wrapped that doggie up!!

This is the story, of a boy named Apoorva Joshi. This boy played good fair cricket Mastered the art of swing bowling when he was very young Soon became the captain of Nandanvan Cricket Board His passion and love for the sport bore no bounds Apoo was a class apart He wore his favourite chadds […]

Wrap my doggie up

An Ode to Apoo Doggie: Worf … Doggie: worf … Doggie: rrowww brrrowww Apoo: arrghhh … Apoo: huff … Apoo: huff … Sound effects: Budoosh digdradaadam dooosh … Aunty 2: Sorry Apoo: poink … (getting up and falling back down on butt) Doggie: rrrowww … rrooowww … Doggie: Karchhh .. arrrhhhg … broowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Apoo: huff […]


Back in Mumbai … aaaah the sweet smell of home … more … soon … still waiting for one bag to come from Amsterdam … sob

Rashmi Bansal v/s IIPM (OR Bloggers v/s IIPM)

I know this has been long due here, I put my posts on Ryze and just slipped across with work … so anyways, here goes … For those who don’t know her (or for that matter, this particular case). Rashmi is the editor and publisher of JAM magazine and she (her mag actually) recently exposed […]

God to lead Team India

In a bizarre turn of events, the selection committee named God as India’s next probable captain. After serious deliberations on the current hotchpotch between Greg Chappell and Saurav Ganguly, the committee unanimously echoed a truce and waved white flags (released ‘white’ doves on both sides etc.) and decided to suspend the latter‘s team credit cards […]

Google Talk World Directory Plans

Imagine this … Near Future addons for Google Talk: Speculations on their launch of PC-to-Phone capability with their tie ups with Gizmo Project and also with the incorporation of directory services (these are my thoughts) using their own search engine. Case: 1. You want to book a room in Goa without the hassles of having […]

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