Technology has been our friend for a very long time now. Right from the time our Neanderthal friends started using the first of hand tools (which BTW, is pretty handy now, mostly used to scare pigeons that want to hump in your bedroom and on occasions to pelt away at your boss when he’s not […]


Two things in life stand out and are deemed important. Whiskey and Common Cold. For those of you who don’t have a clue as to what this means, drink whiskey and rub your nose against dust or someone’s live germ filled phlegm. If you’re a chik and are back after a healthy puke, try reading […]

Confessions of a blind soul

I’ve been accused of buying household items only to not use it enough (or at all – before this there was the portable vacuum cleaner, handy sewing machine amongst a large a list spanning 10 years), read on… After a good deal of thought on buying a treadmill, I did buy one only to find […]

The truth about cats and dogs

Actually not quite about cats and dogs … but read on … Ever wondered why men (except Apoo) are inclined towards dogs more than women (note: men like women too, but we’ll talk about that a little later). Just the same, there are more women in this world that like cats more than dogs, compared […]

Fear defacto

What do you fear most? Death? Failure? Ghosts? People? Pizzas? Roaches? Most of us have some or all of the above fears rolled up on each other. We seldom realize the essence of all this though. What is the purpose of this innate emotion? Everyone has some part of it governing their daily lives. A […]

Midnight Archive: Navik B&R

0130 hours April 15, 2006 Chakala, Andheri (E) The night was brighter than usual. The moon played its share of governing the streets, waxing ahead into time. The breeze was never there like always, with the still air subtly breathing down warmth and heavy drums of moisture. Mannu and I got off the rick next […]

Paryul’s Happy Budday??

Funny conversation time yet again … small and notoriously hilarious … Topic: Pals’ birthday which incidentally falls on 27th of this month Bird Dear Pals, Many Happy Returns of the day ….have a great year ahead. Warm Regards, Abhi It’s on the 27th re … but if it makes u happy Apoo Bird, tu item […]

Sambhar of 69

Just couldn’t resist putting this on …… I had my first real six rupees, Stole it from my father’s pants. went to a madrasi hotel, to eat the sambhar of 69. Me and some kadke dost, had it all and we caught bukhaar, jimy puked, joey got ulcers, and Bagga ne maari dakar. Oh when […]

Finally!! A Haircut

I’m ganja now … my folks refused to take me in last night, following this crude act of violence … and no … won’t post pics till my “kesh” decides to grow up till soon … or till the strands stride up …

He, Who, Shoe bites?

“I have a shoe bite” essentially puts forth “I’ve bought new shoes and you better have a look”. It’s not quite the best of ways to have it broadcasted, I dare say. But certainly is one of the crude and dismantled ways of frolicking around your new shines. I always wondered why the damn shoe […]

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