Nursery Rhymes – Our Kids

Our kids (in particular, the Ghoshs, the Iyers, the Kunders, Mehtas, Manniges, Palanys, Yederys, Raos, Joshis, Nadkarnis, Mathurs, Tanks) would one day exhibit a part of our genome (time to go woohoo) when their nursery rhymes go like … Iyer’s kid twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder how you are up above the world […]

Baangd Chronicles – Part 2

Baangd: kaisa hai me: full fit Baangd: had booze last nite now listening to rock songs and radin the guru’s advice reading* me: abey i was with u boozing last nite at Alap’s waste Baangd: i know, i was just saying so

Midnight Archive: Navik B&R

0130 hours April 15, 2006 Chakala, Andheri (E) The night was brighter than usual. The moon played its share of governing the streets, waxing ahead into time. The breeze was never there like always, with the still air subtly breathing down warmth and heavy drums of moisture. Mannu and I got off the rick next […]


Apoo (low voice) I almost gave up hope. There were so many times I questioned myself. I’ve made so many sacrifices but it’s all been worth it. (beat) There are millions and millions of mediocre people in the world Abhi. Isn’t it great that we aren’t one of them? Abhi looks like he stopped breathing […]

Baangd Chronicles: Tales from CT

Very few posts on blogs actually go to the extent of describing your dear buddies. This unfortunately is one such post. I hate to admit it, but Baangd (OR “The Baangd”) often marks himself as the star-crossed court jester who knowingly goes to all extents of humane sacrifices to submit himself to the appeasement of […]


“Have a good one sir”, said Taylor, the pretty security lady at the airport. The good lady directed me to the second of the baggage claim areas for Northwest, which for some crazy reason was next to neverland, behind three other airlines baggage retrieval areas. Call this bad positioning or call this a sadist attempt […]

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