Nursery Rhymes – Our Kids

Our kids (in particular, the Ghoshs, the Iyers, the Kunders, Mehtas, Manniges, Palanys, Yederys, Raos, Joshis, Nadkarnis, Mathurs, Tanks) would one day exhibit a part of our genome (time to go woohoo) when their nursery rhymes go like … Iyer’s kid twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder how you are up above the world […]

2007 home coming (literally)!

Dudes, dudettes, respected married folk and Iyer, Once again, it’s that time of the year when the drunken masters and lords of the land get together and make merry. This year though, with wayside commitments from a bulk of the community (and innocent kids getting married), our plans have taken a drifter into older habits […]

Do It Yourself (DIY): “Skip your good friend’s wedding” tips

The following incident has true citation to all characters and names mentioned and all references to the same must be deemed as correct representation of events as they unfolded. 22:08 Dec 10, 2006 Nandanvan Mumbai Abhi: f*** man Bird: cant i am tired Abhi: dimaag hurting yea i wont either Bird: my head & my […]

Confessions of a blind soul

I’ve been accused of buying household items only to not use it enough (or at all – before this there was the portable vacuum cleaner, handy sewing machine amongst a large a list spanning 10 years), read on… After a good deal of thought on buying a treadmill, I did buy one only to find […]

Paryul’s Happy Budday??

Funny conversation time yet again … small and notoriously hilarious … Topic: Pals’ birthday which incidentally falls on 27th of this month Bird Dear Pals, Many Happy Returns of the day ….have a great year ahead. Warm Regards, Abhi It’s on the 27th re … but if it makes u happy Apoo Bird, tu item […]

Lallubhai Park – Live Thailee Cast

Thailee tullee (booze “retailed” in plastic bags) is common practice in rural India (and yes, cities too). A major concoction of breweries mixed to form one potent tipple. One of the known “brands” in the large and scaling thailee tullee market is Poonam (a girl’s name), which is available quite freely in the suburbs of […]

Bird’s Flu

A grave situation encompasses us all … One that has elements of terror and pain … An incredibly mighty contamination surge has hit us … Bird flu has hit the country bad … the rest of the world even harder … We’re killing birds (infected and suspected carriers) in the numbers. H5N1 is killing many […]

Wrap my doggie up

An Ode to Apoo Doggie: Worf … Doggie: worf … Doggie: rrowww brrrowww Apoo: arrghhh … Apoo: huff … Apoo: huff … Sound effects: Budoosh digdradaadam dooosh … Aunty 2: Sorry Apoo: poink … (getting up and falling back down on butt) Doggie: rrrowww … rrooowww … Doggie: Karchhh .. arrrhhhg … broowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Apoo: huff […]


“Have a good one sir”, said Taylor, the pretty security lady at the airport. The good lady directed me to the second of the baggage claim areas for Northwest, which for some crazy reason was next to neverland, behind three other airlines baggage retrieval areas. Call this bad positioning or call this a sadist attempt […]

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