Nursery Rhymes – Our Kids

Our kids (in particular, the Ghoshs, the Iyers, the Kunders, Mehtas, Manniges, Palanys, Yederys, Raos, Joshis, Nadkarnis, Mathurs, Tanks) would one day exhibit a part of our genome (time to go woohoo) when their nursery rhymes go like … Iyer’s kid twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder how you are up above the world […]

Why I prefer chickens crossing roads

Why would you bet on anything you have no clue or control on whatsoever. Like this boy, who on a cold winter morning in Wales haplessly placed a bet with his classmate on the varied force of nature. By the time it was afternoon his sister came looking for him in school to find him […]

Baangd Chronicles – Part 2

Baangd: kaisa hai me: full fit Baangd: had booze last nite now listening to rock songs and radin the guru’s advice reading* me: abey i was with u boozing last nite at Alap’s waste Baangd: i know, i was just saying so


Two things in life stand out and are deemed important. Whiskey and Common Cold. For those of you who don’t have a clue as to what this means, drink whiskey and rub your nose against dust or someone’s live germ filled phlegm. If you’re a chik and are back after a healthy puke, try reading […]

Sambhar of 69

Just couldn’t resist putting this on …… I had my first real six rupees, Stole it from my father’s pants. went to a madrasi hotel, to eat the sambhar of 69. Me and some kadke dost, had it all and we caught bukhaar, jimy puked, joey got ulcers, and Bagga ne maari dakar. Oh when […]

He, Who, Shoe bites?

“I have a shoe bite” essentially puts forth “I’ve bought new shoes and you better have a look”. It’s not quite the best of ways to have it broadcasted, I dare say. But certainly is one of the crude and dismantled ways of frolicking around your new shines. I always wondered why the damn shoe […]

Lallubhai Park – Live Thailee Cast

Thailee tullee (booze “retailed” in plastic bags) is common practice in rural India (and yes, cities too). A major concoction of breweries mixed to form one potent tipple. One of the known “brands” in the large and scaling thailee tullee market is Poonam (a girl’s name), which is available quite freely in the suburbs of […]

Bird’s Flu

A grave situation encompasses us all … One that has elements of terror and pain … An incredibly mighty contamination surge has hit us … Bird flu has hit the country bad … the rest of the world even harder … We’re killing birds (infected and suspected carriers) in the numbers. H5N1 is killing many […]

Why I wrapped that doggie up!!

This is the story, of a boy named Apoorva Joshi. This boy played good fair cricket Mastered the art of swing bowling when he was very young Soon became the captain of Nandanvan Cricket Board His passion and love for the sport bore no bounds Apoo was a class apart He wore his favourite chadds […]

Goozoo Hip Hope – Paras

Bewa aka Paro aka Paras (Note: Paras is not plural for Paro)‘s guju hiphop song with sub titles Parag Gandhi (a guju dude in his office) … comes and tells him, “Paras chal lets write a guju hiphop .. I give u a tune” .. and he goes “su kare che aatu su kare che […]

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