Nursery Rhymes – Our Kids

Our kids (in particular, the Ghoshs, the Iyers, the Kunders, Mehtas, Manniges, Palanys, Yederys, Raos, Joshis, Nadkarnis, Mathurs, Tanks) would one day exhibit a part of our genome (time to go woohoo) when their nursery rhymes go like … Iyer’s kid twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder how you are up above the world […]


Apoo (low voice) I almost gave up hope. There were so many times I questioned myself. I’ve made so many sacrifices but it’s all been worth it. (beat) There are millions and millions of mediocre people in the world Abhi. Isn’t it great that we aren’t one of them? Abhi looks like he stopped breathing […]

Goozoo Hip Hope – Paras

Bewa aka Paro aka Paras (Note: Paras is not plural for Paro)‘s guju hiphop song with sub titles Parag Gandhi (a guju dude in his office) … comes and tells him, “Paras chal lets write a guju hiphop .. I give u a tune” .. and he goes “su kare che aatu su kare che […]

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