Kunder Gamer?

For someone to be placed in the “…busier than a page 3 socialite…” category and to top it, have it published in a business paper, it takes quite some beating (or at least upto the point of having Income Tax professionals shun into their houses). Yes quite right, I’m in the news folks. Priyanka Joshi […]

Confessions of a blind soul

I’ve been accused of buying household items only to not use it enough (or at all – before this there was the portable vacuum cleaner, handy sewing machine amongst a large a list spanning 10 years), read on… After a good deal of thought on buying a treadmill, I did buy one only to find […]

Finally!! A Haircut

I’m ganja now … my folks refused to take me in last night, following this crude act of violence … and no … won’t post pics till my “kesh” decides to grow up till soon … or till the strands stride up …

He, Who, Shoe bites?

“I have a shoe bite” essentially puts forth “I’ve bought new shoes and you better have a look”. It’s not quite the best of ways to have it broadcasted, I dare say. But certainly is one of the crude and dismantled ways of frolicking around your new shines. I always wondered why the damn shoe […]

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